Art Tours

You’ll find breathtaking art museums all around the country – museums for modern and contemporary art and those filled with pieces from history and from all over the world. We can build an entire tour around the museums you simply cannot miss.

An art tour in New York City can’t possibly disappoint. You’ll love spending time at the Met, the Museum of Modern Art, and many more thrilling New York City sites. Or if NYC isn’t your style, maybe check out St. Louis! The St. Louis art museum was built for the 1904 World’s Fair. It has amazing collections, and the St. Louis area offers several exciting attractions to complement your study of the arts.

There are so many choices of places to go for an art tour, so do not feel like you have to go with one of our sample choices. Talk to one of our agents and we will put together what is perfect for you!

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Sample Itineraries

New York City Art Tour

You’ll love spending time at the Met, the Museum of Modern Art, and many more thrilling New York City sites.

    •  Famous Art Museums
    •  Broadway Performances
    •  Guggenheim Architecture

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Art Museum will offer your group just what you are looking for. We can help you customize your private trip.

    •  Water Park
    •  Six Flags St. Louis
    •  Three Story Art Museum


Bishop Arts District

The Bishop Arts District is one of Dallas’ most irreplaceable and distinct neighborhoods. This area is great for anyone who may want to stay! Many of the restaurants have outdoor seating, so you can take your furry family member with you! This is an area full of fun, local, and independent stores you can feel comfortable browsing through. Local art galleries, chocolate stores, and pies make this place unforgettable. You will be amazed as you make your way through this delightful neighborhood and feel a true sense of community in the area. There are tons of community and local activities anyone can feel free to attend, many people come back annually just for these wonderful events and to see the local businesses and family-type love. Everyone can find something to do when they visit the Bishops Arts District. Most of the buildings in this district were built close to a century ago, and it is definitely noticeable through the historic beauty of the architecture. This is a loving community with friendly people and smiling faces wherever you may look! Boutiques and restaurants to coffee shops, this adorable and exciting neighborhood has everything your heart (and stomach!) desires. It’s no wonder so many people visit this area! Bring your student travel group to this amazing neighborhood to relax after a long day, or fill the day entirely with the Bishop Arts District. No matter what you’re doing, you are sure to have fun!

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Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Student groups exploring the best of Kansas City won’t want to miss a tour of the wonderful Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art – a world-class institution “where the power of art engages the spirit of community.” This outstanding museum and world-renowned example of neoclassical architecture is dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts and cultures they represent and strives, through careful presentation of its comprehensive collections of more than 33,500 works, to bring visitors a rich and ever-evolving experience as they view its myriad exhibits and wander the verdant 22 acre sculpture park showcasing 33 important modern pieces. While the Nelson-Atkins is widely celebrated for its extensive collection of Asian art, especially that of Imperial China, their European collection is highly prized and contains almost 900 celebrated works – paintings by Monet, Rubens, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Degas and Goya among them. A suite of American Indian Art galleries honoring the artistic achievement of Native Peoples from across America houses a diverse body of works from pre-contact to the present and includes includes pottery, basketry, quill and beadwork, textiles, painting and sculpture, while the ancient art assemblage at Nelson-Atkins is of the highest quality, brilliantly representing a 4000-year cross section of the great civilization of the Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Guests will find every trip to the Nelson-Atkins offers new and exciting discoveries; an intriguing range of current and upcoming exhibitions such as Across the Indian Country: Photographs by Alexander Gardner, 1867-68, The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky, Rodin: Sculptures from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, Living with the Spirits: Decorating Homes in Traditional China, Landscapes, Real and Imagined, Presence & Absence: New Works by Tom Price and the Subodh Gupta Egg bring the Museum’s extraordinary collections together with magnificent works from world-renowned art institutions and  superb private collections in a breathtaking and thought-provoking visual feast. The Museum Store tenders visitors the perfect souvenir or gift, with proceeds from all purchases benefiting the institution, while Rozelle Court Restaurant, serving a delightfully artful and fresh signature menu, lets guests dine in all the splendor and style of a 15-Century Italian Courtyard – with live music and Wi-Fi.

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Alton Museum of History & Art

Student Groups on Show Me State holiday will want to visit this landmark attraction located about 15 miles north of St. Louis that has, as its claim to fame, a noteable collection of rare “Alton Giant” articles and memorabilia. Young Robert Pershing Wadlow, 1918-1940, was born, educated and buried in Alton, Illinois. His ultimate height of 8′ 11.1″ qualifies him as the tallest person in history, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. At the time of his death due to a serious foot infection during an International Show Company promotional tour – he was unable to find hospital bed accommodation and passed away in his sleep – he weighed 490 pounds. A respectful display of the few remaining articles relevant to his life can be found at the Alton Museum; contributions of pertinent items and information are encouraged, as the family, once their gentle son had passed, destroyed almost all of his personal belongings in order to prevent innapropriate display; a life-sized memorial statue of Robert stands just across the street. The museum also showcases fascinating exhibits on Lewis & Clark, the Alton Confederate Prison, the historic Lincoln-Douglas Debates and the local legend of the horrible and terrifying “Piasa Bird.”

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Museum of Art

North Alabama’s leading visual arts center fills its seven galleries with a variety of traveling exhibitions and the work of nationally and regionally acclaimed artists. The nationally accredited museum also presents shows from its own 2,300 piece permanent collection. Named as one of the state’s “Top 10” destinations by the Alabama Tourism Department, the Huntsville Museum of Art has gained a reputation throughout the South for bringing high-caliber touring exhibitions to the region. Taking a tour with a trained docent enhances the museum experience. A docent encourages students to ask and answer questions about the art on view. Docents provide a great deal of background about the artist, the works, and the artistic movement to which the art belongs. By helping the student to observe, compare, and interpret, the docent provides students the tools to evaluate art on their own.  Groups of ten or more may schedule a docent led tour with two weeks notice.

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American Art Museum

This beautiful museum is a comprehensive collection of American art. Perfect for educational tours, the pieces show America through history – a glimpse at how we saw ourselves and the world, as well as how we see it today. The collections include paintings and sculptures as well as contemporary crafts, graphic arts,and other unique artistic media. They encompass the time of the American colonies and the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They represent every culture, region, and tradition. And the museum is constantly expanding its acquisitions, creating galleries rich with artistic interpretations from both yesterday and today.

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African Art Museum

nationalmuseumafricanart_disney_tishman_30Not many cultures find religion and spirituality to be as intrinsic to their traditions as Africa. This museum celebrates the artistic achievements of this amazing culture. The paintings, masks, sculpture, and numerous other pieces represent Africa’s deep and lasting legacy. African art is astounding in its combination of spiritual inspiration and utilitarian purpose. The museum has bothcontemporary and historical pieces, highlighting the powerful role of the African culture through time.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

metropolitan_museum_of_artThis iconic museum opened its doors in February of 1872. Now, the museum features over two million works of art from all around the world. Pieces dating back to the Stone Age and modern art call this museum home. Located on Fifth Avenue, on what is now referred to as museum mile, the museum allows people to explore new ways to view art. Student Groups can explore the many galleries and exhibits in this grand museum. Destination: Modern Art is an interactive experience for younger children. It shows a person from space whose mission is to come to earth and learn about us from our Modern Art. A great experience for teenage students is the Red Studio. This is a gallery where they can view interviews led by teenagers with some of the artists. They can also listen to pod casts about other teenagers’ experiences at the museum. At the Met, your group can discover new cultures and explore our own history through many of the artifacts at the museum.

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