Austin Aquarium

Who doesn't love a good aquarium? Your student group is going to adore this new and interactive Texas based marine facility where they can explore the oceans through wonderful educational displays full of incredible animals. With over 2,000 species at home here, the Austin Aquarium is a leading marine education campus full of excitement and wonder at the world beneath the deep blue waves.

Immerse yourselves in the world's oceans by touring the various exhibits and experiences such as feeding areas. Visitors young and old can come up close and personal with small sharks, rays, and more in the touch pool and feeding areas, learning about these amazing creatures from a hands on perspective. Adults and older students will enjoy the interactive displays and educational galleries full of exotic creatures from around the world. There's plenty for kids as well as adults with playground areas designed around the marine theme for added learning and fun!

Educational talks, puppet shows, and aquarium events make this attraction even more exciting for young learners and animal lovers! Come by and see what you can experience at the Austin Aquarium!