NASA Glenn Research Center

Aerial_View_of_Glenn_Research_Center_at_Lewis_Field_-_GPN-2000-002008Come and enjoy an amazing afternoon in Cleveland by visiting NASA’s Glenn’s Visitor Center. The Glenn’s Visitor Center gives you a great chance for a hands-on and interactive look into the entire amazing NASA program. The Glenn’s Visitor center has several exhibits that are fun and interactive along with several historic artifacts that are sure to amaze. This program offers a look into the general NASA mission but goes into heavy detail into NASA’s aerospace program and the effects and benefits that it has made for us in the current day.

While here, on the Lewis Field Campus, you will have to check out the John Glenn exhibit, going into detail about his Friendship flight. Take a tour and explore the research facilities and see where engineers develop propulsion, power, and communication technology, an extensive tour given once a month, each lasting 45. Before you leave, go discover and explore some of the most popular, historic, and iconic onsite items such as the Skylab 3 from 1973, the Apollo Command artifacts, Moon rock from Apollo 15, space suits from BuzzAldrin, and the living in space gallery!