Disney Performing Arts OnStage

Get ready for a seriously fun opportunity to play at Disney parks in California or Florida! Both Disney parks offer a unique, fun, and truly helpful young musician program by the name of Performing Arts Onstage. This is a great opportunity for you and your marching or concert band group (as well as choir and dance groups) to perform, participate in various competitions, sit in on major festivals, or take part in various professionally guided workshops. After you've hit the stage, hit the park and enjoy your time at Disney!

These performances are professionally judged, so you and your group will gain more critical teamwork skills, musical fine tuning, and all around better performing skills. Not only will you be gaining all that, but you will personally be able to request hands-on help from top musicians leading the program! This exciting location hosts occasional weekend festivals you can look online and plan to take part in, each and every one meeting the standards of the National Core of Arts Standards!