High Line

Highline_NYC_3705376658_529a375621If you’ve never experienced New York’s High Line then you are in for a true treat, this beautiful and historic NY staple an amazing feat of architecture and repurposing that also doubles as a great social gathering place and picnic spot. This is the perfect time to take in all the essential NYC sights, all from the historic 1.45 mile long portion of old disused New York Central Railroad! Today the High Line is a popular linear park built above Manhattan, sitting along an elevated section of the old West Side Line, or High Line Railroad. The railroad was used from 1934 to about 1990, the park established in 2014. Today High Line is a really popular park, many people attracted to it’s green rooftop, rail line history, and unbeatable river and city views 30 feet above street level!

The Green Roof system here is truly an amazing landscape feat, including its own efficient irrigation system to water the now green-filled, once out-of-use, railroad trestles. This entire process took much planning, community input, and design and construction work, but today the benefits are easily seen with many summer and weekend events promoting ‘ living, tours, and wellness’ here today. You can use this public park to stargaze, partake in tai chi, meditate, take a city tour, study up on your NYC history, or simply enjoy a midday picnic and people watch the city below!