Ogden Museum of Southern Art

2360692010_370b78bdc7_zWelcome to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the historical and visual heritage museum that documents Southern art history from 1733 to present day. Inside the walls of this museum you and your group will see over 3,000 works of art from various different southern artists, from paintings and watercolors to drawings, prints, ceramics, and sculpture. Ogden Museum is located within the central business district of New Orleans near Lee Circle and is actually associated with the University of New Orleans, though it isn’t on campus. Exploring all the different exhibits inside will give you a multi-perspective view of southern life, through a truly impressive collection of southern art throughout.

While here be sure to opt in for a student tour, the only requirement being that there are ten or more students to form a group. These tours feature complete curriculum customization and will take your group to any daily special events, all permanent exhibits, and even to a post-tour art activity. Enjoy exploring the permanent exhibits such as Mastery of Marie Hull, Mississippi’s most significant artist and teacher, A Place and Time, all about New Orleans art scene, current Artist Spotlight on Sarah House, Educational Gallery Exhibition, and current Michael Mead Bent Photography exhibition. Enjoy various travelling exhibits, special guests and lectures, educational outreach, community service, and even summer camp opportunities! Be sure to check out the compact shop within the museum that sells books, artwork, crafts, clothing, and more before you go. This museum is near the National WWII Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, and Louisiana Children’s Center, as well as many delicious local eateries if your group wants a taste of a little more local New Orleans culture afterwards!