Pro Football Hall of Fame

If you are a big sports fan, you may want to consider driving to the nearby city of Canton Ohio-Canton-Football_Hall_of_Fameduring your Cleveland visit, the city holding the highly popular Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Visitors can view fascinating exhibits, shop, and dine while learning and exploring this wonderful museum applauding one of the country's most popular sports.  The Pro Football Hall of Fame has several differently themed exhibits for you to explore, including the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery which features dynamic displays housing game artifacts and entertaining video kiosks. The displays highlight every Super Bowl since its inception, the great plays that you know and love, and the game's best and brightest stars. Guests can also visit the Super Bowl Theater located in the center of the gallery where you can see the last Super Bowl game in the theater and experience the excitement all over again.

The Pro Football Today Gallery includes many artifacts from milestone moments during the 2014 NFL Season like the football Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw for his record-breaking 509th touchdown. Manning surpassed Brett Favre for the most career touchdown passes in NFL history and here you can traverse his performance history and look back on his great plays. The Pro Football Hall of Fame also offers educational opportunities for students of all ages. You can enjoy a Field Trip and learn more about one of America's favorite sports. Students will receive a book at the beginning of the experience among multitudes of fascinating, fun, and educational informational experiences.