Reid Park Zoo

reid_park_zoo_entranceFounded in 1967, the Reid Park Zoo presented the city of Tucson with never before had wildlife viewing and education opportunity, not to mention a more in-depth look at local and exotic flora upon its grand opening. The Reid Park Zoo is a 24-acre addition to Randolph Way in Tucson, a city-owned and operated non-profit zoological center with over 500 different animals. It takes families and/or student groups on average 2-3 hours to explore this fun zoo, with plenty of animals, exhibits, demos, lectures, workshops and special events happening here daily. Meet Dresna or Lilith, some notable animal residents around here, or perhaps go meet your first Capybara, Toucan, or Grizzly Bear.

After you’ve seen all the furry friends you can handle try your hand at any of the current daily activities or animal demonstrations, some popular choices being all ages Evening Safari or the 5 and up ZooKeeper in Training program. There are camel rides, a Giraffe Encounter, rides on the zoo train, rides on the Wildlife Carousel and even the fun ‘Kenya aldabra_tortoise_reid_park_zoo_tucson_az_usa_2011-03-13_img_4070_1400x1050Get Wild’ program. One of the best things about this zoo are the special group opportunities that any school, private, or youth group can get, such as the discounted admission for K-8 School Day Curriculum user's, various Field Trip programs and workshops, additional teacher resources, and our favorite option, the Zoo Adventure Park Program (ZAP). This fun program is a 30-minute classroom workshop with an animal ambassador that teaches your class a great lesson in any of the chosen areas (biology, earth science, animal anatomy, etc). You can also add on a 20 minute behind the scenes or Giraffe Encounter program with that choice, another excellent option.

So be sure to save plenty of time and come prepared to learn with this option! Packing a picnic lunch is a great idea for longer visits at this zoological park, as is checking the monthly schedule to see any special events your group may be able to take part in. For instance, coming up at Reid Park Zoo groups may participate in November Nature Play Sundays, Young Explorer Programs (6-12), Brew Lights (adults only), Zoo Lights, or Cookies with the Clauses. Don’t miss out!