Savannah City Market

City Market sign on lamppost in Historic District of Savannah

Since the early 1700s Savannah’s City Market has been an absolute hub of commercial and social interaction, playing a huge role in the city’s economic and cultural history. In 1985 the area was reinvented, warehouses and shop fronts adjacent to Ellis Square restored meticulously. This four-block location is today a successful mixed-use project in what is known to be the "nation’s largest historic district" in downtown Savannah. The market is even located on the original site of the historic City Market, offering the best of what is old and what is new in Savannah.  A visit here will soon let you know what this charming open-air market is all about, and give you plenty of insight on why it is nicknamed the "Art and Soul of Savannah"!

Once here your group will be bombarded with a wealth of things to do, a vast range of fun entertainment, dining, art, and retail options. The anchor attraction at the City Market is known to be the 19,000 square foot Art Center. Strolling around this location will show your group three apartment buildings and 11,000 square feet of office space, as well as over 50 local artists work strewn about several galleries and studios. You will be able to shop all the eclectic blends of specialty shops and discover plenty of unique Savannah gifts, art, and even homemade candy. Before you go make sure you take advantage of the casual atmosphere and outdoor dining eateries, or perhaps courtyard picnics, from such celebrated local restaurants as Belford's or Vinnie Van Go Go’s.