Titanic Museum

Titanic_DuskFor an interactive combination of history and entertainment, Branson’s Titanic museum offers everything one could desire in a museum. This exhibition is dedicated to the true history of this infamous and terrible tragedy with authentic replicas and over 400 artifacts from the ship and its passengers. At the start of the tour, every individual becomes a “passenger” and given the name of someone who was actually aboard the fated ship. Through the self-guided tour, patrons may discover the feel of 28 degree water, touch an iceberg, walk hallways built to scale, and try to remain upright on tilting decks. You may marvel at the one million dollar exact replica of the Grand Staircase designed from the original plans and walk the stairs as the passengers did back in 1912. At the end of the tour you have the chance to find your passenger’s name on the memorial to see if they survived the wreck.

The Titanic Museum is not just a simple museum with artifacts locked behind glass cases but an interactive experience of discovery and an institution where a sunken history is resurrected. Whether you and your group are curious to walk the same halls that now lie at the bottom of the ocean or celebrate a vow renewal or anniversary, the Titanic Museum is a grand treasure to visit.