16 Reasons Why Travel Is Good For You

We all know travel can be extremely fun and educational, but not everyone may be aware of how beneficial for the mind, body and personal relationships travel can be as well.
Let's start with the mind. Did you know that 86 percent of people who travel say they have a positive outlook on life? How about the 89 percent who feel massive stress decreases while on holiday? Get those creative juices flowing abroad.
Similarly, your body will be forever appreciative of your travels, as it reveals a 50 percent decreased risk of heart attack for women and 32 percent decrease for men. For both men and women, travel is a huge decreaser of cortisol (the hormone that creates stress) in the body.
And of course, relationships grow stronger on the road in only a way that travel can do. 80 percent of travelers believe vacation with family and friends are impactful on their relationships, while 86 percent of couples who travel together say it keeps their romance alive.
Whatever your reason may be, get out and travel today!

16 Reasons Why Travel is Good For You