2-Days At the [Panama City] Beach

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

This trip isn’t just a day at the beach, it’s an educational, culinary, and natural adventure and so much more! Within these two days at Panama City Beach your class will get to do all the celebrating you can, two days chock-full of the best food, attractions, and of course, beaches! Let loose and bury your feet in the sand while you and your classmates enjoy unique museums and shopping opportunities, as well as some of the freshest seafood in the city!


Conservation Park - What better way to start your Panama City Beach adventure than at one of the top nature preserves in the city, Conservation Park. This 2,900-acre expansive green space is located behind US 98 on Conservation Drive, an area featuring vast woodland areas with miles of hiking trails located within. This is truly a hiker, bikers, and nature lovers paradise, with 24 miles of trails, a mile of boardwalk, 2,000 acres of wildlife-filled wetlands, and 900 acres of exquisite uplands. The purpose of this park is to protect and balance the area’s native natural resources while providing an ample amount of publically available outdoor recreation opportunities. There are an intense removal and reintroduction of certain species in the area, bringing freely-roaming wildlife all day long to the revamped wetlands. Located on the former Baxley homestead there is also interpretive information and amenity building provides an educational outdoor classroom as well as several picnic pavilions.

Grand Lagoon Waterfront Farmers Market - The early bird gets the worm with this next stop, the Grand Lagoon Waterfront Farmers Market. This Waterfront Market area is a gorgeously scenic, culturally vibrant, and locally lively area within Panama City Beach that serves as a true economy booster, featuring the region’s favorite "makers, bakers, and growers" each and every Saturday and Sunday morning, year-round. Locals flock here to support the local economy and get their favorite one of kind PCB items while tourist comes here to immerse themselves into the local culture, shop for cheap, fresh foods, and listen to whatever local musician is performing live! Here you will find fresh fruits and veggies, baked items, desserts, and local handicrafts. If you have a large group and are looking for a good, cheap lunch idea, come here and have your students pick out their own picnic items. After you shop the market you can stroll the historic docks at Captain Anderson Marina, book a fishing trip, or shop near Grand Lagoon Bridge!

Dee’s Hangout - When in Rome. . . and the same goes for Panama City Beach and the tradition of eating fresh, delicious seafood. This unsurprising local favorite is a cozy, bare-bones and no-frill eatery within a strip mall space, an overall quite homey eatery specializing in Cajun cuisine. Dee’s is a point on the beach where you can find some of the most flavorful and fresh seafood: the food within is a mix of authentic Creole and highly delicious Cajun seafood dishes, including everything from shrimp po boys to jalapeno oysters. Most people come here for the Fresh Cajun Platter, a large plate full of fried catfish, chicken gumbo, shrimp etouffee, coleslaw, and hush puppies. There are several other various favorites from Dee’s too, such as the Cajun Spiced Jambalaya, Smoked Tuna Dip, and locally sourced pale ale from Grayton Beer company. Dee’s strives to be so authentic that they actually import their French Bread from NOLA weekly!

Panama City Beach Pier - The Panama City Beach Pier, or Russell Fields Pier, is the massive and highly beloved concrete pier jutting out 1,500 feet from the sandy Panama City Beach shores into the Gulf of Mexico. This, the City Pier, is the exact twin to the County Pier, the M.B Miller Pier, oftentimes confused for one another. The pier is one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions, as well as the longest pier on the Gulf! The Russell Fields Pier is a fantastic spot for fishing, as well as watching the sunrise or sunset each day along with the seemingly endless oceanside views. There are amazing marine life viewing opportunities, many guests walking away having caught glimpse of a jellyfish, dolphin, or any of the local fish. Enjoy a stroll along the pier and watch the swirling emerald waters set as the backdrop for an epic fish catch, or perhaps just head over the Pier Park shopping center nearby!


Man in the Sea Museum - Welcome to the Man in the Sea Museum, the one-of-a-kind museum that presents exhibits and documents related to the history of diving located along Panama City Beach Parkway. This museum, opened in 1982, is owned by the Institute of Diving and presents various information on the progress of diving technology throughout history within its 5,000 square miles of maritime artifacts. Here your group can climb through a submarine, learn about the progression of helmets and other various gear, and even see SEALAB 1, the world’s first undersea habitat, up close and personal. Inside the museum, your group will see a large collection of rare diving equipment that plays its part to highlight man’s success underwater. The museum strives to bring the most recent news and updates on underwater scientific and technological endeavors, as well as the discovery of artifacts and the overall impact man has had on earth’s important aquatic environment.

Shipwreck Island Waterpark - This 'clean, quality, safe waterpark' began in 1976, since then seeing over 3 million gallons of water 'tipping, raging, zooming, splashing, and meandering' through the lush park. Enjoy rides, slides, kiddie pools, wave pools, and lazy rivers throughout the park, as well as onsite dining and gift shop options. There are group picnics available or group dining within the pavilions, as well as two onsite eateries in addition to the various concessions throughout.