3-Day Senior Celebration in Sandusky

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

This 3-day senior celebration trip will give your group the perfect combination of local history and local fun, emphasis on the fun part. Spend your first day seeing a couple historic landmarks here in Sandusky, then the rest of your time will be split between an indoor fun center, a waterpark, and one of the country's top amusement parks!


Follett House Museum

Welcome to the Follett House Museum, the local library administered history collection housed within a National Historic Landmark, the Oran Follett Home. The home itself is quite a historic masterpiece, a 4 floor Greek Revival Mansion that features a widows walk with some of the best views of Sandusky and the surrounding area. What it holds inside, however, is even more of a historic masterpiece, with several documents and artifacts holding the history of Sandusky and Erie County over time. Within the collection, you will find historic textiles and a plethora of information regarding this area during the various wars, from the War of 1812 to WWII. Learn all about the Battle of Lake Erie, the Civil-War Era Johnsons Island Prison, and how the local economy has thrived through it all with fishing, ice harvesting, stone cutting, shipping, and tourism. Your group can set up a general tour of the library or customize one more specifically to fit your needs. There are children's tours, local history tours, genealogy tours, and book review tours.

Pizza at Ghostly Manor

Pizza at Ghostly Manor

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center 

Welcome to the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center in Sandusky, the family-friendly, highly popular entertainment center featuring 7 different indoor activities and TONS OF FUN. This center is open daily, rain or shine, and accepts groups of 20-500. Here's what you will find inside: Year-Round Haunted House, Wizard's Journey 3D Mini Golf, XD 4D Theater, Skating Rink, Laser Maze, Bounce House, Jungle Gym, Arcade, Hologate Virtual Reality, Escape Room

Maritime Museum of Sandusky 

When you step inside the Maritime Museum of Sandusky you are 'traveling back in time to the old days of passenger boats, commercial fishing, and ice harvesting on Lake Erie'! Within the 2 outbuildings of the museum, you will find the workshops, as well as the wooden Lyman boat, restoration shops, and other various display vessels. Back inside the museum, you will find the gift shop full of nautical items, toys, and books. There are regularly scheduled events here at Maritime, such as the Historic Program Series each Saturday during the winter. If you are interested in more in-depth educational information before or during your visit be sure to let us know and we will get you access to the online lesson plans!


Castaway Bay

This balcony-laden tropical paradise holds a lush indoor waterpark within its confines, an impressive five-story park underneath a vaulted wood ceiling inside the resort. All around the park you will find palm trees, huts, and inland lagoons that make you feel like you are out in the tropics, not to mention the perfect 82-degree temperature. Inside the waterpark, you will find various rides and slides, some of the favorites being the Tropical Tube Slides, Pineapple Pipeline, Castaway Bay Wave Pool, Tropical Twister, and Toddler Tide Pool. There are so many different ways to plunge, twist, and splash your way through the day here! There is also Big Daddy's Snack Shack inside the park, a great place to grab a slice of pizza, nachos, or something to drink. Aside from all the tropical fun to be had at the waterpark, you can also enjoy a 6,000 square foot arcade, fitness center, and 3 different onsite restaurants. Eat award-winning ribs or burgers at Quarter Steak and Lube, a filling breakfast at Mango Mikes Breakfast Buffet or a nicer sit down meal at the Waterfront Bay Harbor.


Cedar Point 

Cedar Point Courtesy of ThisisCleveland.com

Cedar Point Courtesy of ThisisCleveland.com

When you take a trip to Cleveland, you should consider spending some time at Cedar Point, the local amusement park known as the 'roller coaster capital of the world'. This amusement park is considered to be the 2nd oldest in the nation, opened in 1870 here on the Lake Erie Peninsula. Guests can enjoy the 18 exhilarating thrill rides, 2 water rides, and several other family-friendly attractions. Cedar Point also offers quality cuisine for you during your visit, as well. The park is a total of 365 acres, filled with several thrilling coasters for you to enjoy. One of the most popular thrill rides is known as Millennium Force. It is a ride that reaches an exhilarating speed of 93 MPH. The first hill of the ride features an elevator cable lift system that will get riders to the top faster and then there is an 80-degree drop that will start the coaster ride of your life. Another fun coaster is known as the Gemini. Guests will be in either a blue or red car and enjoy a thrilling race. Riders will experience twists, turns, airtime, and then a big finish at the end of the ride. You will reach a thrilling speed of 60 MPH. Cedar Point also includes a waterpark which is known as Soak City. One of the highlight water attractions is known as the Zoom Flume. Visitors will sit in a large inner tube that slides down the chute. You will encounter turns and unexpected dips. There are other fun rides including Eerie Falls, Dragster H2O, and the Water Slides.