Bachman Pioneer Farm

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live as a pioneer in the undiscovered American West? Did you grow up watching and reading the Little House on the Prairie series and dreaming of experiencing that for yourself? You're in luck with the Pioneer Farms of Central Texas!

This wonderful living history park and museum is a way to peek through the curtain of time into the 19th century when cowboys drove cattle across the plains, when there was no instant communication and living on the prairie was your whole life. Bachman Pioneer Farms gives you insight through horseback riding, pioneer recipes for eating like a pioneer, nature programs, tours of the museum and even a yearly cattle stampede scheduled every March.

There are several sites associated with the Pioneer Farms and you get the opportunity to choose from a German immigrant farm, one belonging to a cotton planter, a Tonkawa Native American encampment, and others. In each area you can experience what Texas was truly like in the pioneer days of old. There are 90 stunning, natural acres to explore and plenty to see and do so give your student group several hours or even a whole day to spend experiencing Pioneer Farms!