Bear Grylls Survival Academy

In Colorado, a 24-hour course for the ultimate survival training is available to those who think they're tough enough.

At the Academy, students will learn the process of "self-rescue" -- how to stay alive if ever presented with a situation where the wilderness is your enemy. While Bear himself is not the trainer, he has a certified team of master adventurers to teach the common man or woman the tricks of the trade.

To start off, adventurers will learn how to identify poisonous foods, and the best way to get some quick protein (Earthworms, of course!) and how to avoid plants that may paralyze you.

Then, you'll get insight on basic water safety and learn a wide variety of knots, as well as how to light a fire in just seconds. With tasks like crossing a deep riverbed and passing quick currents to building stable shelters and avoiding inclement weather, adventurers will be prepared for the worst.

Hiking, climbing, paddling and other forms of movement are emphasized, as movement is usually key to survival. While this camp is not for the weak of heart, true survivalists will welcome the challenge.

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