Beat the Summer Heat: Six Flags

Six Flags is mostly known for their thrilling roller coasters. Their mission is to make you sweat bullets as you brave the extreme thrill machines. But when the temperature starts to soar, sweating bullets is the last thing you want to do. That is why it is great that Six Flags also has a water park!

Opting out of the roller coasters however, does not mean that you also opt out of the thrill. You won’t soar to as great of heights but many of the water rides still generate plenty of scream.

Many parks have the Bonzai Pipelines which includes launch capsules. Suspicion constructs and hearts race as travelers anticipate the opening of the trap entryways in the floors of the containers that discharge them into encased tubes with 360-degree circles.

Tornado pipe rides. Up to four travelers in cloverleaf tubes tilt down an encased tube and into a colossal, sideways-facing channel. They skim up and down the substance of the channel and experience liner like zero-gravity minutes.

In most cases, general admission into the amusement park includes entry into the water park. This is a great advantage because you can arrive early in the day and hope on some roller coasters before the heat arrives.