Biosphere 2

biosphere_2_-_1998_aWelcome to Biosphere 2, the ‘world under glass’ owned by the University of Arizona, located in Oracle, Arizona. This amazing scientific wonderland contains a living rainforest, an ocean biome, and even a fog desert biome within the 3.14-acre laboratory. This entire establishment is an Earth System Scientific Research Facility, considered to be one of Time Life’s ‘50 Must-See Wonders of the World’. Groups can typically spend up to 3 hours exploring the several different, wildly authentic biomes here, the entire facility holding over 6,500 windows to peer through in amazement! Over 3 million guests have made the journey to this iconic glass and plant-filled spot, 500,000 of them K-12 students on field trips!

15735546796_5a81be0112_bTours of Biosphere 2 will take you inside this massive engineering marvel, first filling you in on its history and local impact. Learn all about how this spot opened in September of 1991, the University of Arizona buying it in 2011. Then learn details about how this sphere was meant to be modeled after earth, and how the flora and fauna inside each biome live throughout the world. See the Ocean with coral reef biome, Mangrove Wetlands, Tropical Rainforest, Savanna Grassland, and Fog Desert. Groups of 20 or more will enjoy the special field trip and large group tour options, such as the Behind the Scenes VIP, Featured Speakers Tours, K-12 Student Field Trip Tours, or basic Public Tours. The later will take up 90 minutes total, an integrated specialist helping you understand the building and how it is used today to study ‘Earth Systems Science’.

An intricate overview of research projects and technosphere machinery, ending in the South Lung with a final goodbye to the Ocean Gallery will end your tour, as will a possible lunch/snack at the delicious on-site B2 Cafe.