Celebrate Rocket City’s 50th Anniversary

Huntsville, Alabama, aka Rocket City, is having a monumental celebration in July of 2019, and you're invited!

The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's journey, and the entire city is putting on quite the celebration in its honor! There will be a citywide effort to 'pay tribute to the historic and significant role of the U.S army, Dr. Werhner Von Braun, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and the Huntsville workforce in America's effort to land on the moon and safely return'. Not only is the city celebrating this massive feat, but it is also celebrating Alabama's Bicentennial during the same week!

"NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville played a leading role in building the Saturn V rocket that ultimately carried man to the moon," Mayor Tommy Battle said. "There is no better City to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that remarkable feat than Huntsville in 2019.

Here are a few major events you're going to want to see:

  • Rocket Center to lead Guinness World Record attempt for most simultaneous rocket launches - July 16th
  • Apollo Homecoming Dinner  - July 16th 
  • Celebration Concert - July 20th aka Moon Landing Day

For a list of events visit Hunstville's city calendar.

Here's a little bit more about the U.S Space and Rocket Center itself!

US Space and Rocket Center

This Smithsonian affiliate museum has seen over 17 million visitors since first opening ot the public in 1970, sharing with its eager guests over 1500 items representing our relationship with space and space travel. This museum actually serves as the official visitor center for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Inside you will see such iconic items as America's very first satellite Explorer, the new space vehicle the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser, and so much more! Head to the Large Rocket and Space Hardware Collection or historic Shuttle Park to see all the big residents here, such as teh Saturn V. You should also save plenty of time to visit the Atrium, the Davidson Center, and the Science on Orbit Recreation center. There is also an onsite National Geographic Theater as well as space simulators like the Moon Shuttle and G-Force.