Fort Menendez Old Museum

Guests at Fort Menendez in the Oldest City of St. Augustine will find themselves participating in a living history lesson as they examine provided maps and embark on their choice of one of three thrilling themed explorations of the new Spanish Settlement built next to the reconstructed Village of Seloy once occupied by native Timucua Indians. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic character guides usher guests around the bustling settlement in this wonderfully immersive, hands-on museum experience for all ages. Travel to La Florida and be a settler for a day; meet colorful characters from early Spanish St. Augustine and the Indian village, and have way too many laughs along the way on this fascinatingly light-hearted-yet-educational  trip through time. Be recruited as a soldier to protect the Old City or take on an important daily task – grind corn, carve a canoe, crush shells, dip candles, build a fence - earn your wages in gold and buy, trade and wager with villagers and adventurers alike. This is NOT your average museum! Discover an exciting New World of interactive adventure and fun at Fort Menendez.