Honolulu Lei Greetings

Upon your arrival at the gorgeous Hawaiian islands, you and your group will receive the warmest welcome with the sun shining down on you as you receive a traditional flower lei. At various airports including Lihue, Kahului, and Kona, you will be presented with the option of pre-ordering online a lei greeting as you disembark the plane, companies like Honolulu Lei Greetings offering several fun options and large group discounts. The beautiful necklaces of flowers are the true nature of Aloha and fit well with the local motto "fresh flowers and warm alohas." You will encounter a greeter with a sign displaying your names, receive your lei greetings, and then be helpfully led to your next terminal or transportation source. There is really no better way to arrive in the islands!

You will have several different ordering options of leis, including standard, silk, superior, or even candy for the younger crowd. The lei is an iconic symbol of the islands, meant to give a sense of the Hawaiian experience and welcome of tourism. Experience malihini, or your first taste of Hawaii and learn all about how visitors on boats used to throw their lei into the sea upon departure, in hopes to return to island life like the lei itself would upon the waves. Not only is the experience seeped in culture and history, but you and your group will also be able to relax upon arrival as your greeter answers any questions, helps you navigate with a map of Oahu, and gives insider tips on the best local points of interest. Be sure to have your camera on the ready, you will definitely want to capture this iconic Hawaiian moment.