Hornblower Cruises Sacramento

Hornblower Cruises Sacrametno

Entertaining, educational, and exceptionally scenic, a Hornblower Cruise in Sacramento is never a bad idea for any type of group. These fun cruises take your group along the riverway and provide you with some of the absolute best riverfront views in the city, and that’s saying a lot! The Hornblower Cruise line started in 1980 as a proud California-based company, with 7 different California ports, with one in NYC today. The goal of Hornblower has always been to provide ‘quality dining, entertainment, and cruise experience’, which we fully believe they have done well for over 35 years now.

Choose between the Historic Riverboat Cruise or the Educational Sacramento School River Tour, each option providing your group with top-notch local history, the subjects of early settlement, the Gold Rush, and the Pony Express all discussed in an exciting way. You will see such major city historic sites as the Delta King, I Street Bridge, Tower Bridge, and Air Force docks, plus a great general view of Old Sacramento. Each cruise lasts about an hour and features an onboard snack bar. There are also holiday and special event cruises we will check on for your group beforehand, such as the popular 4th of July cruise, Father’s Day Cruise, Santa Holiday Cruise, Spooky Sacramento Cruise, and Gold Rush Fever Cruise.