Girl making a large bubble at Sci-Quest

Credit: The Huntsville-Madison County CVB

The Sci-Quest Museum is located in Huntsville, Alabama. It is a hands-on science center. Students of all ages will enjoy visiting the location and exploring the scientific possibilities. There are 120 permanent interactive exhibits that cover seven different subject areas. The science center hosts Science Weekends for students in attendance. During the visit, the students can participate in a variety of hands-on activities and interactive live shows. Science Live Shorts are short live presentations. Featured topics include the following: chemistry, space, and the human body. Students are chosen from the audience to be a part of the experience. Featured shows include: Stuffee, Science Chefs, Grossology, and Pocket Science. During the Science Chefs presentation, the student group will become scientists and whip up classic experiments involving density, solids, liquids, gases, and nutrition. These live presentations last 15 minutes a piece. Each weekend, Sci-Quest encourages students to take the engineering challenge. The activities in the Engineering Challenge Studio are hands-on and engaging. Featured challenges include Keva Planks Towers, Flying & Floating Things, Electronics and LEDs, NXT Robotics, Straw Towers, Bouncy Balls, Squishy Circuits, Scribble Bots, Toys, and Marble Coasters. The exhibits at the science center are both educational and entertaining. Students will learn about a variety of topics through these hands-on activities. Subject areas explored vary between weather, fluid dynamics, engineering, sound, light, magnetism, and biology. Your student group will never run out of things to explore at the museum. The location also features a theater that offers students an immersive and interactive experience. Come with your student group and experience this one-of-a-kind hands-on science museum!