L Bar T Bison Ranch

Forest Grove, Oregon

bison-526805_1280The L Bar T Bison Ranch was established in 1991, a bison-filled venture that started as a mere hobby but has since then grown into a thriving Oregon business. This particular ranch has on average about 14-15 animals regularly, between the constant process of breeding and butchering. Once there was believed to be over 150 million bison roaming the earth, though today there are only under 500 in existence. The Great American Plains bison found here is one of the oldest land mammals still in existence, being a usually strong and healthy animal needing little medical intervention, though this farm takes advantage of regular vet visits to keep them in prime health. The calves are born in spring after a nine month gestation and then butchered before two years to ensure the tenderest cuts of meat for their steaks and roasts.

Once on the ranch your group can explore the ranch or take a tour (by appointment), each great ways to learn about the grain fed (alfalfa hay and corn silage) animals. There are several monthly talks and lectures on both bison and Native American tribes. The ranch sells skulls and hides, both green and tanned, as well as calves and processed meats such as preformed patties, bratwurst, hot dogs, jerky, spices, and smokers. Bison meat is an absolutely healthier alternative to red meat and is also known to be more flavorful, sweeter, and richer. What better way to learn all of this and perhaps try bison for the first time than at one of the most acclaimed ranches of its kind in the Pacific Northwest!