LEGOLAND_California_main_entranceLEGOs have, since their invention, quite literally become the building blocks for youthful entertainment. Sets and plans for building amazing creations from whole cityscapes to Star Wars space ships and unplanned, randomly generated constructions have taught us to see the world through a different perspective. That was then, however, and now you have a chance to see LEGOLAND, the ultimate theme park destination for LEGO fun and adventure!

Explore your way through the San Diego park of over 60 amazing rides, attractions, and shows - not to mention the fabulous food! Find yourself in Explorer Island surrounded by life size LEGO dinosaurs. Climb inside the Megga-Egga-Saurus, ride the junior Coastersaurus or even dig for dinosaur bones in the sand. Head to the Land of Adventure where you can rocket into the sky on the Beetle Bounce, have a laser shootout on the Lost Kingdom Adventure, or wiggle your way over to the Imagination Zone where creation is encouraged.

All over the park you'll find incredible LEGO constructions even a nine foot tall Pharaoh guarding his temple! Factory floors encourage you to make your own LEGO constructions while the waterpark features cool you off on those hot San Diego afternoons. While the park may seem geared towards children, rest assured that it is equally popular with adults as a place to rediscover the magic of childish imagination and the fantastic fun of simply playing with LEGOs!