Little Tokyo

Only one of three such districts as this next one exist in North America, the history and culture-little_tokyo_watchtowerfilled area we’re speaking of, Little Tokyo, being one of the ethnically hottest spots in to visit in L.A. Here in this iconic historic district you and your group can see the heart of the largest Japanese American population in North America, the downtown neighborhood comprising a total of 4 acres full of colorful cultural attractions. This Japanese American District was officially established in 1942, though it saw its earliest roots back in 1886. The entire community holds a captivatingly unique balance of old and new, making the experience of visiting both a culturally peaceful and educational encounter.

While here you and your group can spend your time learning about the culture’s history, experiencing the culture through shopping and sightseeing yourself,  and even enjoying the flavors of the community by dining with some locals! Some must-sees while here include Village Plaza, a great place to shop, the Home Mural, the WWII soldier honoring monument, and the James Irvine Japanese Garden. You may also discover the gorgeous Buddhist temples, iconic Jazz at Blue Whale hotspot, and historically exciting Japanese American National Museum. So get your fill of mucchi, karaoke, and ramen, learn something new, and see a culture you may have never seen before in L.A’s Little Tokyo!