Medieval Times Dallas

One of the most consistently popular things to do while in downtown Dallas whilst traveling with large groups 408280149_106cf45456of any sort, though especially student groups, is the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. This is a popular dinner theater spot that features all the best in jousting, horsemanship, falconry, and of course, quality dining fit for a king! As a matter of fact, you will have the chance to dine with the king while here! The 4-course, utensil-free meal is served in the cozy castle-like atmosphere, complete with armed guards in suits of steel and gallant horses trotting about the stage area. One of the best things about visiting this place is it’s convenient location, both directionally and in proximity to other popular attractions. You will be able to find your way to this theater by following Stemmons Freeway to the downtown Design District, a spot very close to the Dallas Aquarium, Memorial Plaza, and Reunion Tower.

The theater opens 75 minutes prior to the show time and offers free parking plus group rates for larger groups, as well as three different dining packages to suit your specific budget or over the top celebration the best. During the 4-course dinner with King Don Carlos, you will partake in his favorite meal, featuring garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet corn, potatoes, and of course, a 'pastry of the castle' served with coffee. There are spirits and vegetarian meals available upon request of course, as well. While dining festively you will be able to watch the two-hour tournament featuring six different competing knights, real weapons, live falconry flight, beautiful horses, and so much more. So sit back, relax, fill your stomach, and watch as ‘the knights dash their way to becoming the King’s champion in a gallant display of weaponry, falconry, and horsemanship.’

*Note: There are also additional educational options for Field Trip Groups that include 11th-century era-based lesson plans and educational tools.