New Documentary Brings Wonder Back to Flight

In 2014, United States citizens tend to take a lot of things for granted. Bottled water isn't anything spectacular. Most people we know own a car. And we've all certainly flown in a plane.

The difficult time finding parking, the long lines at security, the strict rules for what you can pack and the race to get to your terminal on time all contribute to the feeling of flying being ordinary, and sometimes even a hassle.

Film director Brian J. Terwilliger decided that, to him, flying was not just another part of life. In his upcoming documentary, "Aviation: The Invisible Highway," Terwilliger has filmed in 18 countries spanning all 7 continents to bring the amazement back to a form of travel that would be considered science fiction a mere century ago.

If this beautifully shot trailer isn't enough for you to splurge on a movie ticket, Terwilliger enlisted Harrison Ford to narrate. Happy flying!