Newseum Display



It is only fitting that there be a museum devoted to the expression of the freedoms the First Amendment allows including the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. Newseum is an interactive museum dedicated to news and journalism, the excellence and shortcomings of our nation’s media over the years.

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue just blocks away from the White House and within walking distance to the Smithsonian Castle, Newseum is a highly praised destination for millions of visitors every year. Exhibits constantly evolve to always present the best and most honest representation of the stories that matter. Current and upcoming exhibitions include the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, a 9/11 gallery, a section of the Berlin Wall, and a Journalists Memorial for those brave reporters who died seeking the truth.

Excellence in journalism started somewhere and galleries examine the development of early journalism during the Civil War and with the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s assassination to modern day practices as seen in the Media Gallery. This interactive museum places you in the action with the Interactive Newsroom where you can play a reporter before a camera or be a photographer.

With 15 theaters, the Newseum shows museum-produced videos on topics ranging from the importance of the First Amendment to Pulitzer Prize winners and the sometimes less than accurate pop journalism of Hollywood.

Open daily from 9-5, Newseum offers private group tours for those who wish to learn the

behind-the-scenes information on history’s most famous news stories and best journalists.