Niagara Visitor Center

Niagara Falls

At Niagara Falls, you don't just have the world wonder to enjoy, but two other amazing options as well. Choose between the One Niagara Welcome Center, or perhaps the Niagara USA Official Visitors Center, both offering unique information, views, and activities.

One Niagara Welcome Center is your first option, a tourism and sightseeing haven perched very closely to the falls themselves and provides information about bus tours, guided explorations, historical presentations, dining, souvenirs, and almost unbelievable photo opportunities just steps away from Rainbow Bridge. Enjoy the sights from the bridge connecting the United States and Canada, and even walk to Niagara Falls State Park, the perfect spot here to get back to nature or even get soaked in the mist of the falls!

The other option, equally informative and fun, is the Niagara USA Official Visitor Center is the official Niagara Tourism center located in the very heart of the downtown Niagara Falls district. The building itself boasts several helpful maps, brochures, exhibits, itinerary planning, tour references, attraction tickets, free parking, and even free WiFi! Grab a map and a bite to eat, and enjoy the close proximity to the falls. This option is cheap, easy, close, and very helpful, not to mention absolutely gorgeous with all the panoramic vistas and amazing photo opportunities.