Old Florida Museum

The Old Florida Museum is a fun and informational living history museum located in St. John’s County, the only authentic reconstruction of an old wooden fortress within the immediate area. Here you and your group will have a truly memorable hands-on experience as you explore the settler times of Florida’s past through the many different onsite exhibits, exploring pre-European times up to the 20th century. Public tours are offered during which your group can earn gold, trade items, wager with villagers, and meet some very colorful characters along the way. Learn all about the Timucua and Spanish colonial culture, as well as the culture of ships and sailors in this particular area. Explore Fort Menendez, the pioneer barn, and the onsite gift shop, hosting the largest selection of souvenirs and unique collector’s items in St. Augustine. You can pick up unusual toys and gifts as well as handmade wood and wrought iron products. Be sure to check if there are any special events taking place while you are here, in the past including such things as summer camps, bible camps, day care, field trip days, and event/recreation days!