Holy Land Theme Park

A2008Have you ever wanted to visit the Holy Land but haven't been able to make it across to Israel? Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live in Jerusalem while Jesus lived and ministered there? Down in Orlando, Florida, the Trinity Broadcasting Network has built a recreation of Jerusalem complete with the Calvary Garden Tomb, the Qumran Dead Sea Caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were found, and the Great Temple and Plaza. Visit this living Bible museum for a spiritual, historical, and educational experience for the whole group.

Travel back in time to biblical life in Roman occupied Jerusalem. Eat at Esther's Banquet Hall or walk the Via Dolorosa as Christ did on his way up to Golgotha. Marvel at the beautiful white and gold columned Temple or watch the light show on the Crystal Living Waters. Tour the historical museum The Scriptorium: Center for Biblical Antiquities as the guides and galleries take you through the Bible and its history.

The Holy Land Experience is an excellent choice for groups. Bible study groups, social groups, and students will all enjoy the educational and spiritual experience with the park's entertaining and unique approach. Take your group to see the theatrical troupe, "Century," as they recreate Jesus' ministry and miracles, Old Testament stories, and more. Watch the Passion of the Christ live drama in the Church of All Nations auditorium that seats 2,000 people. This building also hosts church services, worship concerts, and Praise the Lord programs.

This park is a unique and special opportunity for anyone with interest in the Bible and its history. For spiritual people, this is a rare experiential destination set close to Orlando, Florida and the rest of its incredible destinations. Bring your group here and discover the life of Jesus and the world in which he lived 2,000 years ago.