Pacific Tsunami Museum

Pacific Tsunami Museum at Kamehameha Avenue - Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii, 1.11.2013

One of the most interesting local history museums in all of Hawaii will make up your next stop, the Pacific Tsunami Museum. This Hilo original museum is dedicated to the history of the infamous April 1, 1946 tsunami and May 23, 1960 Chilean tsunami, both of which devastated much of the east coast of the Big Island. The various exhibits inside explore the impact of the two historic regional tsunamis, the museum doing its part as a whole to educate the public about the dangers and local history of these catastrophic events. As the museum staff say, "we believe that no one should die due to tsunami, and work to prevent this through a promotion of awareness and preservation of history regarding the subject."

While here your group can partake in a self guided tour around the entire museum, or a one hour group tour, with a 30-45 minute presentation on science, city history, and personal survivor accounts. Both online and onsite you will find a city evacuation zone map and instructions, the State of Hawaii’s official civil defense plan. Explore such immersive and intriguing exhibits and displays as the model of Hilo pre-1946, the story of Hilo, 1946 Tsunami, Laupahoehoe Quilt, tsunamis in the 1950s and '60s. Our group may learn the science behind the energy of water, or perhaps just end your visit with a trip to the Museum Store, full of educational books, DVDs, toys, and local crafts such as Hawaiian wind chimes, mugs, and paperweights.