Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow_Falls_HiloWelcome to the crown jewel of Hilo, the 80 foot tall Hawaii State Park wonder, Rainbow Falls. Rainbow Falls is located on the Wailuku River, an easily accessible series of spots with extraordinary natural beauty within the surrounding gorge landscape. The land around the falls are lush and dense with tropical rainforests alongside sparkling turquoise pools. You will see the abundant native wild ginger and Monstera, as well as what the park is most known for, as the name suggest, the rainbows that form around the falls’ bountiful mist. Grab your poncho, grab your camera, and maybe even your umbrella and enjoy one of the most iconic postcard views in Hilo.

Just a bit further upland you will run into Pe'epe'e (pronounced peh-eh-peh-eh) Falls, which feed into the famous Boiling Pots. This cascade of falls mixed with slow cooling basalt lava creates an amazing natural wonderland, complete with the nearby lava cave in Waianuenue. There are no lifeguards at either of the falls, so there is no swimming allowed. However there are several viewing platforms that provide something better: an unbeatable view of the falls. On a sunny morning, your group can see the best rainbows set as the forefront of the giant native banyan trees near Rainbow Falls, and in the afternoon the overlooks in any part of this land are bursting with colors you won’t want to miss. Enjoy several different scenic walking paths, extensive hiking opportunities, and lava rock and banyan tree views galore while here!