River City Star Riverboat

To relax on the Missouri River while aboard the River City Star is a must when visiting one of the Midwest’s most famous river towns, Omaha, Nebraska. This outstanding new River City Star cruiser was brought to Omaha in 2009, replacing the old popular one and creating a new company attitude of 'making waves on Omaha's riverfront'. This cruise line features a passenger excursion riverboat, one that allows guests unique 1-3 hour sightseeing or dinner cruise journeys along the Missouri. Groups can actually take a cruise from Omaha to Council Bluffs, Iowa, the path traveled showing you such great local treasures as Freedom Park Naval Yard and the impressive 3,000 foot Bob Kerrey suspension bridge.

As mentioned before, your group will choose between a sightseeing, lunch, or dinner cruise, each slightly different but each offering the same unique views, relaxing pace, and historic and beautiful scenery. A student group, in particular, can choose to take a public tour or book the boat for a private charter. The boat will hold 149 people total, ensuring your entire group will have a great time. The boat has two decks that allow student groups to get a surreal feel of the famous Missouri River, one indoor and one out (making any weather cruise-worthy weather). The bottom deck is fully enclosed as well as temperature controlled, allowing groups to ride in comfort.