Saltwater Grill

Along Hutchinson Boulevard of Panama City Beach, your group will find your next delicious stop, Saltwater Grill. Not only is this beachside eatery known for its excellent dishes and fresh ingredients, but also for its uniquely tropical backdrop for the grill, the 25,000 gallon tropical saltwater aquarium. You will get a stunning panoramic view of this huge aquarium upon entrance into the restaurant, as well as be greeted by the heavenly smells of steaks and seafood and melodic sounds of the attached lively piano bar. Choose between sitting down to dine in the cafe dining room or the more intimate Mermaid Room, the spot in the eatery with the most dazzling views of the encapsulated tropical reef and parade of various exotic creatures within.

Choose from the very best gulf-fresh seafood and choice steaks, there is even a live lobster tank for you to pick out your very own Maine Lobster. Try the firecracker shrimp, lobster bisque, prime rib, crab imperial, or the locally loved grilled dayboat red snapper. Be sure to save room for dessert, handmade key lime pie or white vanilla bean creme brulee ready for you to devour! Relax and enjoy some after dinner drinks at this, Panama City Beach's only piano bar, with 10-year pianist Michael Rorah tickling the ivories for you. Enjoy the show tunes or request your own melody as you eat and drink the night away in one of the most gorgeously designed tropical eateries in all of Florida.