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7 Student Summer Cruises

Cruises, like luxury hotels on the water, are coming back in popularity for their all-inclusive amenities and their dream destinations. For your student group, who must be looking for a summer vacation, the following cruises offer picture-perfect experiences with plenty of variety. P.S. The port cities can be just as fun as the destination, oftentimes.…
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Affordable Caribbean Destinations for Adventurous Students

Visiting the Caribbean is a dream for many, so why not make it a reality? Take a cruise and sail the open seas, sampling each and every island you pass along the way or island-hop by plane from the U.S. and in a matter of minutes find yourself lounging on the pristine white sands. One…
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Student Cruise Trips

Locomotives of the sea, cruises are a way to travel in luxury and comfort, to enjoy getting there as much as the destination. Journey through the cerulean waters of the Caribbean, lie on the white sandy beaches of Mexico or relax in a hammock in Nassau after you pamper yourself senselessly aboard a floating city.…
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