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Island Packers Cruises

Island Packers Cruises [caption id="attachment_22605" align="alignright" width="425"] Prisoners Harbor Whale Watching Flickr[/caption] This popular Cali cruise line, Island Packers Cruise,  offers several different student-friendly cruises, camping outings, and wildlife watching opportunities. Some of the most popular cruises include the Wildlife Cruise, Whale Watching Cruise, Channel Island Wildlife Cruise, Pelagic Birding Cruise, Prisoners Harbor Cruise, and…
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Island Packers Student Cruises: Eco Adventure

Some of our favorite types of trips to plan for student groups are eco trips, these trips always providing the perfect mix of entertainment and education, pleasing both students and teachers. Another of our favorites to plan are student cruises, which is why we think Island Packers Student and Eco-Cruises are the perfect trip opportunity for…
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