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Beale Street

Beale Street [caption id="attachment_33711" align="alignright" width="425"] Beale Street Memphis Pixabay Public Domain[/caption] This fantastic landmark Historic District in downtown Memphis saw its notorious heyday in the roaring 20s in a thriving boom of nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, stores, pawnshops, hot music and all manner of prosecutable vice. Since then, energetic and resilient Beale Street has survived…
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Graceland [caption id="attachment_24063" align="alignright" width="425"] Graceland with Pink Cadillac - Credit Graceland[/caption] Student groups on Memphis holiday will certainly not want to pass up the opportunity to join the over 600,000 adoring fans annually making the grand celebrity pilgrimage to 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Graceland. Passing through those hallowed, music-booked-shaped gates and onto the perfectly…
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Sun Studio

Sun Studio “If music was a religion, then Memphis would be Jerusalem, and Sun Studio its most Holy Shrine.” Student groups on Tennessee holiday exploring iconic Beale Street must NOT miss an opportunity to stop in at this landmark historic attraction, a springboard for some of the most important careers in the history of music…
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