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Alice Walker Driving Tour

Alice Walker Driving Tour Explore the life of popular author Alice Walker with the Alice Walker Driving Tour,  a premier chance to see all the major landmarks of this legendary American author’s life. Alice Walker is most known for her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Color Purple, though she was a highly accomplished woman outside of…
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Flannery O’Connor’s Andalusia Farm

Flannery O'Connor's Andalusia [caption id="attachment_22515" align="alignright" width="425"] Andalusia Farm[/caption] Farm Just a short drive away from Atlanta you will find Milledgeville, former home of highly celebrated author, Flannery O’Connor. Here at the farm, you will learn all about the life of, O’Connor as well as the effort to ‘perpetuate her place on the roster of…
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Southern Literary Trail

Southern Literary Trail The Southern Literary Trail is America’s only tri-state literary trail ‘connecting mythic places that influenced great novelists and playwrights of the 20th Century’. Linking literary gold mines in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, the entire Southern Literary Trail continues the inspiration that lived along this path in the past, some of America’s greatest…
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