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FDR Memorial

FDR Memorial [caption id="attachment_32269" align="alignright" width="425"] FDR Memorial Pixabay Public Domain[/caption] Begun in 1978 and dedicated by President Bill Clinton in 1997, the FDR Memorial commemorates the life and legacy of the nation’s 32nd president. Over seven acres the president’s four terms in office are illustrated with beautiful South Dakota red granite, bronze statues, and…
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Capitol Hill Tour

Capitol Hill Tour [caption id="attachment_32261" align="alignright" width="425"] Capitol Hill Pixabay Public Domain[/caption] When in the nation’s capital, a trip to Capitol Hill is a must. The historic center for U.S. government, Capitol Hill has housed the meeting areas for the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate since its original building in 1793. The iconic,…
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