The Strand


That warm happiness and indescribable thrill of shopping for that perfect souvenir or kitschy collectible to take back home is an essential component of any successful vacation. It's almost as vital as great food and fantastic entertainment to your group’s time away from home. The Strand Historic District in Galveston is the ultimate place for this, with not only shopping to entice your group but entertainment, history, and some of the best restaurants the city can offer.

Groups on Lone Star State holidays exploring the best of Galveston won’t want to miss a visit to the Strand Historic District. Five fabulously walking-friendly blocks of quaint cafes and great restaurants, eclectic gift shops, cool galleries, landmark museums, and must-see sites housed in 19th century structures await you. Many of these historic buildings survived the great 1900 storm, regarded as the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. Once known as the Wall Street of the Southwest, the Strand is the vibrant heart of the 70 plus-acre Downtown District and a stroll through this renowned historic area is a quintessential part of any Galveston getaway.

Once you’ve completed your requisite shopping, be sure to visit the Galveston Railroad Museum, take a tour of notoriously “haunted” Mayfield Manor, and explore the Texas Seaport Museum and its star attraction, the wonderfully restored Tall Ship Elissa.  Bay Watch Cruises promise adventurous types 45 minutes of delightful dolphin spotting while popular interactive and educational family attraction Pirates, Legends of the Gulf Coast lets you hang with the last of the buccaneers!

Surrounded by delicious Strand options, you’re bound to get hungry, so grab a hearty cup of gumbo or sit down to a fresh gulf seafood feast, but do save room for dessert. Pop by La King’s and order up the best malt in town for a truly memorable taste of historic Galveston!