Top Travel Trends of 2014

Top Travel TrendsIt's just past the halfway mark through 2014, and there have been some very notable trends in the travel industry. Here's a few to run through quick if you want to be on-trend!

Space Travel - In April 2013, Virgin's Air Galactic is the first commercial vehicle since the Concorde to break the speed of sound. And you can book your space ticket for just $250,000!

Better Airline Cabins - Delta and many others are promising to improve seat screens and create larger overhead bins, and maybe even extending spaces between seats!

Layover-Friendly Airports - Countless airports are adding things like movie theaters, artwork, and plenty of charging ports with complimentary Wi-Fi. No more dreading those long delayed flights.

Yoga-Themed Trips - With yoga gaining more and more popularity amongst exercise-enthusiasts and relaxation-pros, whole retreats dedicated to the meditation practice are popping up across the U.S.

TV and Film Inspired Trips - Want to jump into the set of your favorite show or movie? Tons of destinations are catching onto this trend, but a couple notable ones include Breaking Bad set locations in New Mexico, and the entire Hobbit village in New Zealand!

Cheaper U.S. Flights - According to an American Express Global Business study, flights within the U.S. are expected to decline significantly this year. Start flying everywhere!

Environmentally Friendly Trips - Volunteering has increased significantly this year, as well as companies embracing greener transportation. Way to go green, travel!

All Inclusive Trips - Travel the most luxurious way possible! Travel with airfare, lodging, food, drink and fun all included in one price. What are you waiting for??