WonderWorks – Myrtle Beach

WonderWorks - Myrtle Beach

Credit WonderWorks

Credit WonderWorks

Upside down, right side up, sideways. . . whatever way you look at it this topsy-turvy building is tons of fun for any group! WonderWorks in Myrtle Beach provides hands-on science exhibits, fun activities like laser tag and ropes courses, and even an onsite eatery, the entire establishment an absolutely amazing place to bring your student group. This amusement center has over 100 different exhibits and attractions within, that’s over 50,000 square feet of ‘edutainment’.

Lie on a bed of nails, step into a replica space shuttle command module, and even become a human lightning rod. Six major exhibits contain over a hundred different displays and activities. Natural Disasters teaches visitors about the science behind weather disasters and their oftentimes harmful after effects. Step inside the Hurricane Shack and feel category 1 hurricane-force winds and more. Step over to the Physical Challenge Zone and test your body’s limits. Lie on a giant bed of nails, blow huge bubbles, and even play Mindball, a game that tests your mind power. Make music on a giant floor piano, where an authentic replica of a spacesuit, feel lightning on your fingertips through metal mesh gloves, see a Tesla coil, and more in this wildly experiential science museum.

Wonderworks is also home to a laser-tag arena, 6D motion theater, Indoor Ropes Challenge, and Solar + Explore, a zipline and ropes course located next door to Wonderworks.

Wonderworks has thought of everything. Head down to this educational entertainment zone and spend an afternoon with your group learning, wondering, and laughing at the fantastically amusing exhibits and activities.