The World’s Next Greatest Traveler: 19-Year-Old Matt Guthmiller

Oh those Millenials, only caring about their iPhones, taking selfies, how many followers they have on Instagram and dismantling basic American traditions.

And now, setting world records.

Matt Guthmiller, a 19-year-old pilot, is currently attempting to be the world's youngest solo pilot to circumnavigate the globe.

The MIT freshman has already flown from El Cajon, California, to Aberdeen, South Dakota in just 9 hours, and his next 150 will take him through Athens, Greece; Cairo; Bangkok, Thailand; Honolulu, Hawaii, and more.

Guthmiller made the decision in mid-2013 to attempt to break the record, and by December 2013 he had the plane, the plans, and itinerary ready to go. All that was left was extensive training and waiting for the school year to end.

On his blog, Guthmiller stated "My real goal is to inspire other young people to attempt things of a similar magnitude. That's what I hope to accomplish with this flight."

His plane, a 1981 prop powered Beechcraft Bonanza, has a range of 2,800 nautical miles, can reach a speed of 175 knots, and has a maximum cruising altitude of 11,500 feet.

If all goes as planned, Guthmiller will land in Aberdeen, South Dakota on July 12, 42 days after the start of the trip.