5 Buildings Every Architecture Lover Should Add To Their Bucket List

If you live for the art of building, the careful eye behind constructing, and the careful detail to adding beauty to everyday life, then you need to check out these incredible buildings.

La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

The construction of this building started in 1882, and never was finished by the time its architect, Gaudi, passed in 1926. The building was funded entirely by donations and has the appearance of dripping from top to bottom.

Lloyd's of London

Richard Rogers' inside-out skyscraper mixing modern architecture with gothic.

The Dancing House

Nicknamed Fred and Ginger, this 1996 home by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic is now occupied by offices, but visitors can go to the roof for dining and river views.

Marcel Sembat High School - Sotteville lès Rouen

French architecture firm Archi5 took multiple buildings and updated them by unifying the structures with greenery and sloping walls to blend back into the hill behind the school.

One Bligh Street - Sydney, Australia

This environmentally-friendly structure, utilizing a double skin with outer louvers to regulate temperature, as well as housing solar panels to produce energy, and a basement sewage plant that recycles 90% of the building's wastewater. If that isn't enough, it's very spirally and simply cool to look at!