10 Festivals Across the Globe to Add to Your Bucket List

One of the best ways to experience a culture is to immerse yourself in the celebrations they value the most. You’d be surprised at the creativity, the mayhem and the splendor certain cities partake in to put on a fantastic, memorable festival.

Whether you’re tired of the same old St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving parades in the U.S. or you’re simply interested in exploring something new, there are plenty of opportunities across the globe.

Did you ever get in trouble for starting a food fight in grade school? Spain’s Tomatina doesn’t mind, as long as you bring as many tomatoes you can carry! Ever wondered what it would feel like to watch a march of flaming torches yielded by Vikings? Scotland’s Up Helly Aa Fire is for you! How about experiencing color in a different sense – through dyed powder showered upon every attendee, to be exact. Holi, the festival of colors in India is a perfect match.

If you’re interested in a healthy beauty regimen, try South Korea’s Boryeong – a festival of cosmetic mud, including slides, wrestling, pools, and a skiing contest! For a more spiritual experience, try Burning Man in Nevada, USA, where you’re stranded in the desert with hundreds of thousands of strangers who swear you have to experience the festival for yourself to fully understand it.

Whatever your interest is, there’s a festival out there for you!

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