10 Quick Tips To Make You a Savvier Traveler

10 QUICK TIPSEver realized middway through your trip that you forgot something hugely important, or just having a tough time keeping everything together while traveling? We have just the tips you need to instantly become a savvier traveler (doesn't that have a nice ring to it?)


1.Bring sandwich sized plastic bags to keep important things like phones, passports and money dry and organized.


2.Don't get stuck forever in airport security. Wear easily removable shoes, belts, and purses so you're not holding anyone up at the front of the line.


3.Store all your important documents in a secure place online so that they'll be readily available in case you lose them during travels.


4.Put all your absolute essentials in your carry-on bag during flights, just in case your luggage gets lost.


5.Buy a set of universal power adapters, because there's nothing quite worse than showing up to your hotel room with a dead phone or laptop and no way of plugging them in.


6.If your trip is going to involve lots of walking, bring band-aids for your ankles to prevent blisters and uncomfortable rubbing.


7.Bring medicine for every common illness in the book to avoid an unfortunate trip-stopping nasty cold.


8.If you wear glasses or contacts, bring at least one extra set of both so that you aren't left blind if your first pair get lost or broken in the heat of trip excitement.


9.Because you never know what could happen in a strange new place, bring a safety whistle to keep on a keychain in case of emergencies.


10.Always carry a scarf! Not only do these make great blankets on a chilly plane ride, they can be used to sit on a dirty chair in a public space.