10 Reasons to Visit LA this Summer

Shopping center in LA

It's a Movie Lover's Paradise.
LA is the mecca of the entertainment world which is likely to make any student excited to visit. A chance to visit Hollywood is a highlight for anyone and yet Hollywood is just the beginning of what LA has to offer when it comes to movie and TV related attractions. It is home to the Dolby Theater, the venue that hosts the Academy Awards. There are opportunities to tour Universal Studios or Warner Brother's Studio. You can even take tours around the city geared towards specific locations featured in famous movies such as action movie locations and iconic holiday locations. If the entertainment industry is something you love, then LA is the place to be.

The Skyline.
If you're a fan of cityscapes, LA is a MUST on your list of cities to see. It is the second largest city in the US (next to New York) and one of the most picturesque of all cities. While you can always ask locals for the locations they recommend for a prime view of the skyline day or night, a good guarantee for great views is Griffith Observatory.

The Ocean.
The city of LA covers a lot of territory and part of that territory is 75 miles of ocean shoreline. Views of the ocean are breathtaking while other ocean related attractions include Santa Monica Pier (take a ride on the Ferris wheel), Catalina Island (the trip there and back are just as fun as exploring the island), and Point Dume State Beach (a favorite with celebrities).

Performing Arts.
Music and theater of every genre imaginable are right at your fingertips when you visit LA. It is home to the Pasadena Play House which is the official state theater of California as well as Boston Court Performing Arts Theater which features plays and performances on the cutting edge of industry trends. Furthermore, the incredible Walt Disney Concert Hall is home to the LA Philharmonic, Master Chorale, Opera, and Center Theater Group.

Every student travel group is bound to have at least one sports fan. It doesn't matter which sporting event is your favorite, LA has it all. There are multiple ways to occupy a sports enthusiast. You can do everything from sign up for a stadium tour (like Rose Bowl Stadium) or actually attend a sporting event. LA is home to the Dodger's (NBL), Clippers (NBA), Lakers (NBA), Kings (NHL), and Galaxy (Soccer), among many other professional and collegiate teams.

Good old fashioned sight-seeing.
Whether you're driving down Sunset Strip or historical Route 66 or any of the other many famous LA streets and neighborhoods, going for a drive has never been more entertaining. Not only is it exciting to see what you can discover by exploring the city’s most popular locations, it’s also free!

Covering 469 square miles of land, there is practically an endless supply of shopping centers and malls to keep you occupied your entire vacation even if shopping were the only item on your student travel itinerary. Just a few of the amazing opportunities to burn a hole in your pocket book include the LA Fashion district, the world famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Grand Central Market, and LA Flower District.

The Great Outdoors.
LA may be the second largest metropolis in the U.S., but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of attractions for the outdoor enthusiast. Bikes and Hikes, LA is the ideal source for exploring the city and all of its outdoor locations. Eaton Canyon Nature Center and Griffith Park are also two prime outdoor locations visited by both tourists and native Angelenos alike.

The Weather.
With the weather record in LA, one thing you won't have to worry about is a day on your student travel itinerary being ruined by poor weather. During an average year, LA will only see rain 35 days. It's also warm the majority of the year. LA's location causes unique temperature patterns - the temperature can vary throughout the day and it can even vary 20 degrees from different locations within the city on the same day. But even with these great variations, the temperature is likely to be moderate and agreeable during your school trip.

LA is huge and busy. It's one of the most popular places in the U.S. to visit. It would be easy to become overwhelmed by all there is to see and do. The good thing is that LA offers tours of every kind that cater to the varied interests of its visitors. One of the easiest ways to explore the city is to pick the things that interest you most and find a tour geared towards that interest. Not only does it take the headache out of the logistics, it also gives you insights that are harder to discover on your own.

BONUS REASONS: It's IMPOSSIBLE to be bored! Boredom is the number one thing you want to avoid while on a student trip and if you come to LA, it will be the one thing you won’t have to worry about.