3 Student Music Festivals you Can’t Miss in 2018

Calling all marching bands, choir groups, color guards, and dance teams....performance season is coming up, and we've got the absolute best options for 2018!

The three music festivals below all offer you the opportunity to strut your stuff, participate in clinics and workshops, and see other groups from around the country perform as well. What better way to hone in your musical talent than by traveling to perform with the best of the best?

While we do offer trips to many other performing arts festivals throughout the year, these are our top three choices for 2018!

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OrlandoFest provides a unique opportunity for your group to play, in every sense of the word, at Universal Orlando Resort, one of the most popular attractions in Orlando. With this opportunity, your group (instrumental, auxiliary, choir) can take part in a parade at Universal itself, or head to the nearby high school performing arts center for a sit-down adjudicated performance. The best part? Admission to Universal is included, so after you play, go play!


CODA, Choral Organizations and Developing Artists, is a multi-date festival option for high school musical performers, with the additional benefit of having opportunities to sing all across the U.S, not just in one spot. These educationally-based choral performances provide 'exceptional opportunity and value', with options for additional vocal coaching, lessons, and solo stage time.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade 

The Sound Education program is a vast one, with several different festival options throughout the year, in several different places. We, however, like to promote the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, a performance that commemorates the anniversary of the invasion of Pearl Harbor. With the motto 'remember the past, celebrate the future', this parade route will take you from historic For DeRussy to Kapiolani Park, along the scenic streets of Waikiki.

Check out all the specific dates, locations, and inclusions below, and for more performance options check out our performance trip theme page.