4 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Labor Day Trip

Summer is closing in on it's end, but Labor Day weekend gives the chance for one last holiday before school, work and the cold weather start back up.

With that in mind, there are a few quick facts you should know before you start booking flights or planning road trips to that weekend destination.

1. Airfare is rising, and flights are booking up quickly. Travelocity states fares have risen more than six percent this year, and Expedia reported demand for Labor Day weekend flights is up 20 percent over last year. Your best bet if flight is the only way to get to your destination? Stay an extra day or start a day earlier -- round trips from Friday to Monday are the ones hiking up that cost.

2. Gas prices are lower than usual. With that, driving may be a better option for most weekend travelers. AAA estimates fuel costs have been dropping this summer and are lower overall than last year. Of course, that means traffic will be overwhelming --  last year, an estimated 29 million drivers were on the road during the holiday weekend.

3. Hotel rates are up. Expedia says hotel room demand is up 30 percent for this year's holiday, and rising rates have set the average cost of a night's stay to more than $180. Try finding a friend to stay with instead!

4. The best deals are in warm-weather destinations. Expedia listed the best bargain destinations as: Palm Springs, Austin, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Washington, D.C., Charleston, Denver and Ocean City.

Get packing!